Toompuiestee 37, 10133 Tallinn

Public transport

Go Bus has Estonia’s most comfortable, newest and best-equipped fleet of buses. Our bus drivers, thorough and friendly, provide service on a daily basis in different Estonian cities and counties and on national lines. Each day, we work toward making our regular public bus routes being the most economical. Our charter bus service is praised both at home and in Scandinavia. We provide transport service to foreign dignitaries and the world’s crowned heads, musicians, actors, athletes, tourists and everyone else who has a high regard for impeccable coach service.

Go Taksopark offers a taxi service in Tartu and Pärnu.

Go Oil supplies fuel to transport and other businesses, both retail and wholesale.

Go Autokool was established as an independent company in 2006. The training is based on the national curricula for the preparation of motor vehicle drivers. Our aim is to teach our students to drive safely and with respect for other road users and to raise the general traffic culture through our students. All our driving instructors are highly experienced professionals, our principle is: Heavy in training, light in battle, i.e. in real traffic.