Toompuiestee 37, 10133 Tallinn

Go Group

Established in 2005, AS Go Group is a private, locally-owned provider of investment and support services. The success of the companies that make up Go Group is backed by the organization’s more than 1000 professional and helpful employees. Go Group’s five main areas of activity are public transport, railways, national defence, real estate and tourism.

Our values

Comprehensive specialized knowledge in our service field, including the ability to call on additional specialists at the right moment in time. We would adhere to the same level of professionalism even if customers settled for less – which they don’t.

Results-oriented – achieving the desired goals by the needed time – putting our expertise to work and thinking through the workflow.

Enterprising – constantly developing our knowledge and skills in order to offer service that generates value-added, at a competitive price.


Tel: +372 631 0000